ZooKeeper® Configuration Utility : Local Serial Connection

The ZooKeeper Configuration Utility can connect to a TR-2100 locally using the supplied "NULL-MODEM" cable. Connecting this cable from a PC COM Port to the TR-2100 I/O2 Port is all that is required.

The ZooKeeper Configuration Utility provides a convenient way to configure your TR-2100. With one click of the mouse you can load all TR-2100 settings into the program, and either modify and send back to the TR-2100, or save in a file for archive purposes.

To connect, simply enter the correct parameters and click the connect button. ZooKeeper will do the rest.

ZooKeeper makes it very easy to save a complete copy of all settings to a ZooKeeper Configuration file. This file can be used to archive a particular customers settings, or as your companies "default settings", matching your applications requirements, to be used over and over again for each installation.

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