ZooKeeper® Configuration Utility : CallHome Connection

The ZooKeeper Configuration Utility can connect to an incoming request from a TR-2100 via an ethernet connection. This "CallHome" feature allows a remote TR-2100 behind a firewall to initiate an outgoing connection to the ZooKeeper Configuration Utility. Using this method, no changes to the customers firewall are required to access the TR-2100 for configuration and troubleshooting.

The ZooKeeper Configuration Utility provides a convenient way to configure your TR-2100. With one click of the mouse you can load all TR-2100 settings into the program, and either modify and send back to the TR-2100, or save in a file for archive purposes.

To connect, simply enter the correct Port Number to listen on, and click the Listen button. ZooKeeper will wait for an incoming connection on the port entered.

ZooKeeper makes it very easy to save a complete copy of all settings to a ZooKeeper Configuration file. This file can be used to archive a particular customers settings, or as your companies "default settings", matching your applications requirements, to be used over and over again for each installation.

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