ZooKeeper® Configuration Utility : Network Connection

The ZooKeeper Configuration Utility can connect to a TR-2100 via an ethernet connection. This means that connections can be made both locally and remotely (depending on firewall rules) from anywhere in the world. Simply connect the TR-2100 to your LAN using the enclosed network cable. Don't forget, this feature is available on all models, including the "Serial Only" -M1 model.

The ZooKeeper Configuration Utility provides a convenient way to configure your TR-2100. With one click of the mouse you can load all TR-2100 settings into the program, and either modify and send back to the TR-2100, or save in a file for archive purposes.

To connect, simply enter the correct parameters and click the Connect button. ZooKeeper will do the rest.

If you do not know the correct settings, ZooKeeper provides a "find" function. By clicking the Find button, ZooKeeper will scan your local network and detect any TR-2100 Data Buffers connected to that network. You will then be able to connect to any buffer detected by one single click. It simply could not be any easier.

ZooKeeper makes it very easy to save a complete copy of all settings to a ZooKeeper Configuration file. This file can be used to archive a particular customers settings, or as your companies "default settings", matching your applications requirements, to be used over and over again for each installation.

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