TR2100 Applications

The TR-2100 is the "Swiss Army Knife" of telecommunications products. It is virtually impossible to describe all the uses of the TR-2100, however below we have listed just a few of the major functions our dealers use this amazing device for.

If you have an application and your not sure if the TR-2100 can do the job, just give us a call. We are also open to adding additional functionality to the device if required.

Data Buffer / Call Buffer:

TR-2100 performs all of the required functions of a call buffer / data buffer. It can collect data from Serial, TCP/IP Server, TCP/IP Client, UDP and FTP. Data can be extracted via Serial (including through a modem), TCP/IP, Streaming, and FTP Push or Pull.

The TR-2100 also supports command sets from Asentria, PollCat and MDR2000 as well as standard FTP and Streaming. Memory Capacity is 4MB standard.

Alarms Buffer :

TR-2100 not only performs all of the required functions of a call buffer / data buffer. It can also apply up to 32 rules to the received data, resulting in an alarm condition. Alarms can be delivered via Email, FTP Push or SNMP Trap (to network monitoring equipment). Alarms can be created to report on items such as 911 calls, too many weekend calls, too many calls overseas, and much much more.

The TR-2100 also acts as an SNMP manager, receiving SNMP Traps from your telephone and network equipment. Traps received are converted to human readable text, and can be analyzed by any of the 32 alarm rules mentioned above.

The TR-2100 can also proactively monitor telephone and network equipment by performing SNMP Requests / Responses to up to 8 network attached devices. Alarms based on responses can be delivered by Email, etc.

Remote Access :

TR-2100 can be used to create a remote access gateway. A remote device may connect to the TR-2100 via TCP/IP Socket (Telnet) or Serial (via Modem). Once connected, the user can request to connect to either of the two Serial ports, or the Data Collection TCP/IP Port, or even UDP. The user can then directly interact with the device(s) connected.

For instance you can telnet into a TR-2100 (user name and password required) to access a serial port that is connected to a PBX. You can then perform remote programming of the PBX. You could then connect to the other serial port which might be connected to a voice mail system. You can then reprogram the voice mail system as well.

Network Enable Legacy Equipment:

If your site has a legacy Phone System that outputs alarms, traffic reports etc via serial port, and you want to get this information into an existing network monitoring system, the TR-2100 can do the job. By connecting the Phone Systems serial port to the TR-2100, it can convert any or all data received into an SNMP Trap and deliver it to the network monitoring equipment.

The TR-2100 can also send the data received via Email, or FTP push to external monitoring stations.

Protocol Converter :

The TR-2100 can perform conversion from Serial to TCP/IP and TCP/IP to Serial. Many new phone system provide SMDR data only via TCP/IP, however existing legacy property management software (used by hotels / motels / institutions / etc) may only accept serial data. The TR-2100 can easily collect the data from the phone system via TCP/IP and convert it to serial to deliver it. Should the serial port become unavailable, the TR-2100 will buffer the data, and when the port again becomes available, the TR-2100 will stream all stored data.

This is only one example of converting data from one form to another, and there is much more available from the TR-2100.


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