At Telcom Research, we know you are the reason we are in business. Our longstanding commitment to safeguarding your right to privacy is the reason for our reputation as a leader in the protection of customer privacy. Any time you do business with Telcom Research, or with anyone acting as an agent on our behalf, you are protected by the rights and safeguards contained in this statement.

Personal Information and Collection
Personal information is information about an identifiable individual. We collect information when communicating or transacting business with you, and when providing you with products or services. We also collect information about you from third parties that have the right to disclose such information to us.

Use and Sharing of Data
We collect, use, and disclose personal information only for the following purposes, or others identified to you at the time of collection:
  • To establish responsible relations with you and provide you with ongoing, quality service
  • To understand your needs and preferences
  • To recommend particular products and services to meet your needs and determine your eligibility for certain other products & services
  • To develop, enhance, market, or provide products and services
  • To meet legal and regulatory requirements
While our general policy is not to provide personal information to any party outside of Telcom Research, there are certain limited circumstances under which it is necessary for us to do so. When we do provide personal information to third parties, we provide only that information that is required under the particular circumstances. That information is used only for the purpose stipulated and is subject to strict terms of confidentiality. Employees of the companies to whom we may provide information must adhere to our privacy standards. These third parties may include:
  • An agent acting on behalf of Telcom Research
  • A collection agency
We may also provide personal information to Law enforcement agencies and Emergency services in emergency situations or where required by statute or court order.

For More Information
If you have questions or concerns about your privacy, you can contact a customer service representative :
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