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40 Years

June 2010

Telcom Research launches a new Web Based Application
Centurion Telcom.

Centurion Telcom is a web based Telecommunications Service for business of all sizes. By combining a web based application with proprietary hardware Centurion provides a suite of features to protect your business through Fraud Detection, Record Archiving, Equipment Monitoring and Management Reports.

Call Buffer

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Telcom Research introduces new TR-2100-M5, the Swiss Army Knife of telecommunications products

The new TR-2100-M5 collects data from up to two serial ports, TCP/IP Ports, UDP/SNMP Traps, FTP, and UDP/Syslog simultaneously. It can buffer the data, stream it to serial or Ethernet, push it via FTP, and much much more.

The TR-2100 product family now includes 5 models. From basic Serial-Serial to fully featured IP Enabled, all featuring exclusive ZooKeeper technology. The TR-2100 family continues the tradition offering unmatched flex ability and performance at a competitive price.

The dreaded phone call. . .

...disconnected buffer; smdr issues; network issues? Every TR-2100 shipped includes exclusive ZooKeeper technology. ZooKeeper provides real-time status, notification and control of your buffers in the field.
Never lose data again!

Data Buffers
Developing and selling data buffer products for over 28 years has given Telcom Research a unique insight into what today's customer requires. From serial collection and polling to our most recent "Alert Buffer" the TR-2100 and MDR2000 families support all your needs.

Monitor & Alarm
Telcom Research's new line of "Alert" Buffers assist companies offering PBX and Network alarm services.

Call Shop
For many years Telcom Research has been the leader in the Call Shop markets of Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Our products support both analog and VOIP based systems.

Custom Services
Telcom Research provides custom engineering and design for those clients who need specific solutions to solve industry problems.

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