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ZooKeeper Windows Utility

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Install the ZooKeeper Windows Configuration Program

Insert the accompanying CD into your CD/DVD drive. After a few seconds the installation menu shown in Figure 1 should appear, if Autorun is enabled. If the installation menu does not appear automatically, run AutoRun.exe from the CD-ROM drive (choose Start > Run > D:\ AutoRun.exe, where D: is the CD-ROM drive containing the Data Buffer CD.

If you have downloaded the program then simply double-click on the v5configuration.exe program.



Figure 1 - Initial Screen

Click on Setup Windows Configuration Program to install the program. After the program is installed, there will be a Desktop and a Start Menu link.

Click one of the links to start the program. The screen below will appear.




Figure 2 - ZooKeeper Windows Configuration Program


Click on the Connect button to open the connection dialog.




Figure 3 - Connection Dialog

The connection dialog offers 2 methods of connecting to the Data Buffer, Serial or Network. For a serial connection, select the correct COM port and Baud Rate (9600 is default) and click connect. If you do not know the correct COM port and Baud Rate, then you can click the ‘Find' button and let the program automatically detect these settings.

For a network connection, enter the IP address and port number (56789 is default) of the Data Buffer and click connect. If you do not know the IP address or port, you can click the 'Find' button and this will take you to a screen ( see below) were you can scan for Data Buffer's on your local network.




Figure 4 - Network Find

Clicking the Scan button will result in a scan of your network and detection of your Data Buffer. The figure 4 above shows that 1 Data Buffer was found and the program is displaying its settings. To connect the configuration program to this Data Buffer, simply click the 'Config Connect' button and the program will automatically connect to this device.




Figure 5 -Connected


When connected, ( as shown in Figure 5 above) the ZooKeeper Windows Configuration Program allows you to directly configure every aspect of the Data Buffer and save the settings in a text file.


The bottom of the configuration program contains control buttons to interact with the (connected) buffer, as well as saving and loading settings from a file.





Figure 6 - Buffer Controls



Get Settings : Reads all settings from the connected buffer.

Send Settings : Writes all settings to the connected buffer.

Select Settings : Allows you to browse for a configuration file to load into the configuration program.

Save Settings : Allows you to save the current settings to a configuration file of your choice