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To configure the TR-2100 to work with Avotus Pro or Nortel TM PollNet scripts (such as PollNet-SL1Old.col) the following configuration settings are required:


First on the Avotus Pro or Nortel TM Telecom Billing System, the follow is an example of the script setup:




Note the Script selected, PollNet-SL1Old.col and the Login Name of POLLCAT-NETLINK


Using the ZooKeeper Windows Configuration Utility the following settings are required to be compatible


On the TCP Tab:



1.Set the Data Retrieval Port to 2001
2.Disable Echo on TCP Data Retrieval (as shown above)



On the Compatibility Tab:



1.Set the Emulation to WTI / PollCat / Netlink
2.Set the emulation Options as shown above (circled in red)





On the Password Tab:



1.Make sure the Data Retrieval User Name is empty.
2.Set the Data Retrieval Password to SMDR