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Interactive Configuration

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The interactive configuration allows you to easily set and verify the multitude of configuration options available on the MDR2000e. Once in this mode, the MDR2000e will respond with the opening menu as follows:


 Telcom Research MDR2000-M2 Data Buffer

 Revision 5.04

 Put your Site Information here

 Ethernet Address is 02-10-00-DE-B0-00

    Up for 0 days, 1 hours and 50 minutes


  1 - Configure IP

  2 - Configure TCP

  3 - Configure TCP/IP Security

  4 - FTP Push Configuration

  5 - Site and Collection Configuration

  6 - User/Password Configuration

  7 - Serial Port Configuration

  8 - Time Server Configuration

  9 - Configure Ethernet

 10 - Compatibility Settings

 11 - Network and Serial Port Statistics

 12 - Display DHCP Information

 13 - Version Information




  0 - EXIT WITHOUT saving changes




Simply enter the item number ( 1 through 16 ) to select the area you wish to  configure. For a new installation, it is important to first set the correct network settings first. Enter ‘1’ to select the IP menu.


1 - Configure IP

1 - IP Address:

2 - IP Mask:

3 - Default Gateway:

4 - Primary DNS Server:

5 - Secondary DNS Server:

6 - Alternate DNS Server:

7 - Host Name: TDEB000

8 - Domain:

9 - DHCP is Enabled

10 - Clear Reverse ARP Address


Enter ‘1’ followed by the enter key, and enter the new IP address (from our example above that would be At this point also set the IP Mask, Default Gateway, and Primary DNS server.


At this point you have changed the settings for the network interface; however they are not active yet. Enter ‘0’ to return to the top level menu.
Next you need to set your serial port settings. Enter ‘7’ to select the  Serial Port Configuration.


7 - Serial Port Configuration  

1 - Control Port BAUD Rate: 19200

2 - Data Port BAUD Rate: 9600              


Enter either ‘1’ or ‘2’ to adjust the baud rate of either port as required.


When you are finished making configuration changes to the MDR2000e, it is important that you enter item ‘16’ from the main menu. This will “Apply” your changes to the buffer and exit interactive mode. If you do not do this, all of your changes will be lost.