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Direct Serial

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1.Locate the serial NULL MODEM cable supplied with the MDR2000e. Connect the MDR2000e to your PC or Notebook computer using this cable. At the MDR2000e, the cable plugs into the DB9 male connector marked Modem. At the PC, plug into an available COM port (also a DB9 Male connector). If your PC does not have a spare COM port, you can easily add one with the use of a USB to Serial adapter, available at most computer supply stores.
2.On your windows PC, open up “HyperTerminal”. This is a standard part of windows and is available through the start menu. Look for the All Programs | Accessories | Communications.
3.When HyperTerminal starts it will ask you to create a new connection. You need to enter a descriptive name and then click “Ok”. You will next need to select a COM port number (usually COM1). The next windows you need to set Bits per second to 19200 and Flow control none. You can then click Ok to save it.
4.At this point you are connected. Hit the enter key and the MDR2000e should respond with a “READY” to confirm.
5.To enter the interactive configuration mode, enter ^VSU followed by the “enter” key (the ^V means pressing the Ctrl key and the V key together). You may now proceed to the Interactive Configuration section of this guide.