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The MDR2000e factory default setting is DHCP Enabled. This means that if your network provides DHCP, then the MDR2000e will automatically be assigned an IP address by your DHCP server. If this is  the case, you will see the DHCP light on the device front panel lit red.


If your network does not provide DHCP then you will need to set the IP address initially using the Direct Serial Connection method below.


1.Connect your MDR-2000e to your network using the RJ45 connector on the rear of the unit. The MDR-2000e Ethernet Communications Option runs at 10Mb/sec so be sure that the hub connecting it to your network can operate at this speed. If the unit is properly connected to the network the green indicator next to the RJ45 will be illuminated.
2.Determine your MDR2000e’s HOST NAME. This is printed on a label located on the bottom of the device. The HOST NAME is shown directly under the serial number, and begins with the letter ‘T’, for example:
3.Find out the IP address of your computer. Utilities such as IPCONFIG or WINIPCFG are useful in obtaining this information.
4.Obtain an IP address IN YOUR ADDRESS DOMAIN from your network administrator. (i.e. Ensure that the MDR-2000e is connected to the same LAN segment as your computer (i.e. there is no bridge, router or gateway between your computer and the connection you will be using to configure the unit.
5.Also obtain a Net Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS Server address from your network administrator.

For the purpose of this example, we will assume the following settings:

 Your PC                        :
 MDR2000e IP Address        :
 Network Mask                :

 MDR2000e Host Name        : T013966        

6.Check that the proposed IP address is not currently in use by entering the following command at the DOS prompt:
You should receive a response that indicates a request time-out. This would confirm that the address is not currently being used and is likely available for assignment to the MDR-2000e.
7.From the DOS prompt enter the command:
 ping T013996
You will receive a response from the MDR2000e which will include its current IP address (assigned by DHCP). For this example lets say it is
8.From the DOS prompt, enter the following command :
 (please use the IP address you received in the previous step)
This will open a telnet session with the MDR2000e. You may now proceed to the Interactive Configuration section of this guide.