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IMPORTANT NOTE for Avotus Pro and Nortel TM Users


The MDR2000e Release R2 supports ONLY Image Mode data collection. As a result you MUST make sure when configuring your Avotus Pro or Nortel TM software that you select the correct script to match your PBX type.


Any script starting with M2KIMG- will work.


When used as a replacement for the MDR2000e 1st gen with Avotus Pro and Nortel TM, the following settings are required for compatibility


First on the Avotus Pro or Nortel TM Telecom Billing System, the follow is an example of the script setup:




Note the Script selected, M2KIMG-SL1Old.col. The Login Name is not important for this script


Using the ZooKeeper Windows Configuration Utility the following settings are required to be compatible


On the TCP Tab:



1.Set the Data Retrieval Port to 3000
2.Disable Echo on TCP Data Retrieval (as shown above)



On the Compatibility Tab:



1.Set the Emulation to MDR2000e
2.Set the emulation Options as shown above (circled in red)





On the Password Tab:



1.Make sure the Data Retrieval User Name is empty.
2.Make sure the Data Retrieval Password is also empty.