Over 40 years of excellence in design and manufacturing of electronic products!


Founded in 1968, Telcom Research pioneered Timecode products for the Broadcast and Television industry. In the 1970’s Telcom Research. expanded its electronic design solutions into the industrial control market producing solutions for customers such as Westinghouse and Proctor and Gamble. Telcom Research expanded into the telecommunications market in 1981 with the first intelligent data buffer with on board record management. This new technology led Telcom Research to become Nortel Networks largest supplier of data buffers. In the 1990's Telcom Research expanded its presence in the telecommunications market by developing solutions for the emerging Long Distance Service Providers world wide.

Today, Telcom Research's major focus is in the telecommunications world through products addressing the call accounting, security, alarms, long distance, and call shop markets.


Our mission is to supply quality hardware and software products to companies providing their solutions and services worldwide. Telcom Research is committed to honesty and integrity when dealing with customers, suppliers and employees.


Telcom Research products are sold worldwide through dealers and partnerships. Telcom Research customers include such major corporations as France Telecom, Singtel, Nortel, Optus Telecom, PBS and Fox broadcasting.


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